already know more about my profile?

My full name is rahaniza syalafanaysha. but all my friends know me definitely on yova nesha name ??? is not it ??? yes, my name too much. and I often being called nays or fanays. but the plumpness of friends out there serig call me as fafa hahaha

I lived in a city far away from fellow author. in fact, has to cross oceans Sunda heum
if you know the field ?? yes if you know, now that’s where I live with my parents. in the city of Padang, West Sumatra
97 is the year of my birth. already felt old, of course, maybe after this I will marry my candidate, Cho Kyuhyun. bahksss
Okay, I just could acquaint themselves with the very core. clearly, I was the most beautiful girl, so

welcome to my new home


by: @Asyhsysnays


15 thoughts on “Ashyshanays

  1. thor ,,,aq sudah minta pw ff a loveless marriage p6 lewat facebook,, tpi gk mceh blom dikonfir ,,
    mau lewat WA ataupun LINE hpq rusak ,,,
    tolong dikonfir ya …


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